aeolian island

A one-of-a-kind volcanic archipelago

A cruise to discover the souls of these seven islands, between the black sands of Vulcano and the clear waters of the pumice quarry of Lipari, between the tiny villages of the Alicudi and the worldly terraces of Panarea, a dive into the blue of Pollara, Salina, and snorkeling under the 71 meters of “la canna” [the smokestack], the Filicudi faraglione, up to the spectacular “sciara del fuoco” [the fiery lava flow] seen from the sea at Stromboli.



The “White Island”, with its turquoise blue sea, offers an unforgettable setting.


Greenery, sunsets and Malvasia in a place with a charm suspended in time.


A blanket of stars, a magical sky. Here the night and silence will envelop you in a warm embrace.


The queen of summer nights, where relaxation is combined with style.

The colours of beauty, the taste of good food

Among the small shops and the “putias”, the family-run shops, it is easy to be won over by the aromas and products of the territory: capers, tomatoes, wines and fresh fish.
Let yourself be overwhelmed and taken in by the slow pace of the islands, between tasty salads, fresh granitas and glasses always full of Malvasia, to be served with sweet sesame biscuits

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