our routes

Time on board a sailboat seems to slow down – our goal is to help you enjoy the beauty of every moment, following your desires and meeting your each and every need

Together we will discover beautiful bays created by millennial eruptions, small towns and seaside villages, and then up to the vineyards cultivated on the slopes of Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe and a UNESCO heritage site.
You will discover the flavours of tradition in the family atmosphere of small fishermen’s restaurants, or enjoy gourmet Sicily in restaurants awarded starts by the Michelin guide.
You can enjoy revitalising swims in the sea of the Aeolian Islands, immersing yourself in the depths of the most beautiful sea in the world, between craters of dormant volcanoes and ancient lava flows. Among marvellous views and unique landscapes, you will also discover the architectural beauty of cities like Catania, Noto, Siracusa and Ortigia.

private daily cruise - 1 day

A day dedicated to the sea, the discovery of the Coast of the Cyclops, the east coast of Sicily that runs from Taormina to Acitrezza and up to Acicastello, at the foot of the volcano, Mt. Etna, a UNESCO heritage offering suggestive scenery and majestic lava flows. Or you can also spend your time in the beautiful nature reserve of Plemmirio between Noto and Siracusa, or perhaps sailing among the breathtakingly beautiful Aeolian Islands.

private escape - 2 days

Two days and one night to be enchanted by the magic of the starry sky, enjoying a beautiful night’s rest with the boat at anchor. A taste of Malvasia in the Aeolian Islands, or perhaps a romantic getaway to Taormina or a moment of relaxation in Noto. All you have to do is choose.

get away - 3 days

Three days to experience among the soft lull of the waves and the energy of the central Sicily, with two nights at your disposal. One perhaps to be cradled by the sea and one to enjoy yourself in a charming location selected with the utmost care, in order to ensure our guests the quality and comfort that Ashely offers. Taormina, Noto or the Aeolian Islands, all choices that offer an unforgettable stay.

private cruise – 6 days

A cruise that is made-to-measure for each guest, planned and created starting from the wishes and requests of those who choose Ashley. The possibility of sleeping three nights on a boat and three nights in the best Sicilian resorts, choosing the Taormina-Syracuse route or sailing to discover the Aeolian Islands to discover the most beautiful landscapes both from the sea and on shore. Or perhaps you can choose to take the complete tour of Sicily with us on a sailing boat – surely to be the most fascinating and unforgettable cruise of your life.

follow your instinct

Choose the route and itinerary to follow, and then set off to discover this wonderful island


From Taormina to Acitrezza


From Taormina to Siracusa, then Ortigia and Noto


The whole archipelago, from Alicudi to Vulcano

reach out

Together, we will organize your wonderful private cruise in Sicily, full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Have you ever had dinner in the middle of the sea, under the stars in an ancient dormant crater? Step on board and let yourself be pampered by our crew. It will be simply fantastic. – Barbara

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