the coast of the cyclops

The incredible charm of the eastern coast of Sicily, between myth and lava flows from Mt. Etna

Take a dip in the most intense shades of blue, a swim off the coast to admire the skyline, a snorkelling break in the Protected Area of the Islands of the Cyclops in Aci Trezza, among the lava stacks that – according to mythology – were launched by the Cyclops Polyphemus against Ulysses’ ships.

A trip to the Coast of the Cyclops, at the foot of majestic Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, sailing through the charming bays of Taormina and the turquoise waters of Isola Bella, just below the ancient Greek Theatre, surrounded by cypresses and ancient olive trees.



From shopping to live performances by international artists, from beach clubs to restaurants. This is where artists, writers, kings and queens come to relax. Everything is chic here.

aci trezza

An ancient maritime village, famous in Italian literature for “I Malavoglia” by Giovanni Verga.

aci castello

The legend of Galatea and Polyphemus and an ancient Norman castle that watches over this quaint seaside town.

a culinary journey

A light lunch based on typical flavours and colours in the land of capers, anchovies, tomatoes, durum wheat pasta and swordfish.

This is a culinary journey in the Mediterranean Sea, where you’ll enjoy lemons and oranges, pistachios and almonds, a light snack has the taste and freshness of sorbet, Italian gelato and Sicilian granita.

follow your desire

Let yourself be won over by the pleasure of discovery


From Taormina to Acitrezza


From Taormina to Siracusa, then Ortigia and Noto


The whole archipelago, from Alicudi to Vulcano

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