the coast of the greeks

The wealth and wonder of a thousand-year-old landscape

Greeks, Arabs, Romans and Normans. The Mediterranean offers an inestimable heritage: art, architecture and gastronomy are the result of a beautiful mix of these great cultures.
We will swim in the deep blue sea at the foot of the Norman Castle of Aci Castello, built on the lava rock, passing through the crystalline water of the oasis of Brucoli, up to the wonderful shades of the protected park of Plemmirio, and finally right into the clear sea of Syracuse.
We will also visit Catania and its baroque architecture. We can then look at the horizon from the top of Mt. Etna, where we can feel the volcano’s earth breathe. We will also disembark in Ortigia, getting lost in the maze of its enchanting alleys, then moving on to discover the magic of Noto and its colours.



From shopping to performances by international renowned artists, from beach clubs to restaurants. Everything is truly chic here.


The charm of history, a journey that walks in the footsteps of the ancient Greeks.


The island in the heart of Syracuse, with a romantic soul and breathtakingly beautiful sunsets.


Baroque charm, to be discovered with each step you take.

A beautiful mix of ancient cultures, a perfect blend of unforgettable flavours

Food expresses the wealth of this land – the creator of simple ingredients like almonds, wheat and sun-dried tomatoes – and the mother who gave us this sea that offers tuna, anchovies and octopus – flavours that are mixed in numerous different recipes that will delight the palate.
These will be unforgettable days to spend between light and genuine lunches, afternoons refreshed by delicious gelato and fruit sorbets, as well as surprise dinners pie dans l’eau.

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